Saturday, June 11, 2011

drindle distress

The drindle dress is currently a bit of a mess.   the fit is fine (the dummy and I are not quite alike, so its better in real life - also the skirt was pinned on for pictures) but it looks... frumpy.  like pajamas.   I'm thinking I'll put something around the neckline, center front and hem to make it look a but more together, but I can't help but think this print was a mistake for a dress.    If it doesn't work out, I can repurpose it to be a button down shirt with a bit of a peplum, and add some sleeves....  but I would like to pull this together.      Any thoughts oh denizens of the internet?

Me Made June update:   From Thursday, we have the purple skirt - a self drafted six paneler that comes to about knee length.  Today (Friday, although I'm writing this after midnight so it will be dated Saturday) was a repeat of the seersucker tank and the capris.    Today's Friday theme was 'transportation' so we've got my little red wagon toting my groceries from my little purple car to my apartment.

 I'm on the edge of my me-made pledge.  Officially, I am at least one garment a day -- secretly, I am trying to make all the primary items be me-made.   (so, either a dress, or pants and shirt, etc...)   However, I'm hitting some weather appropriate snags (its been in the upper 90s here) and a I need to mend a couple of items I would otherwise be wearing, plus a big dose of for all that I am well aware there are some hefty gaps in my me -made wardrobe, they are amply filled by RTW items that I'm quite fond of and which are in perfectly fine shape.   Making something just to wear this month, or even for any challenge, when I have something I am happy with seems like a bit of a waste... as does making things to plug holes of any sort.      Around this time last year, I decided I was going to stop buying RTW clothing -- not necessarily forever, but I was inspired by all the handmade items I'd seen in Me-Made-May.  However, a couple of months in, I realized I wasn't enjoying my sewing as I had been before.   I was making things because I had to, not because I wanted to  - at this point I promptly went and bought myself some sweaters, giving up on the atrocious crochet project I was working on.   So I think I might be scaling down my not-so-secret-anymore version of the pledge to the official one, with the occasional moments of glee when I pull of the full monty

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  1. What does a nice cinching belt do to it? The print doesn't look bad I the photos, but that's not necessarily accurate.
    What about a gored skirt?


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