Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bedsheet Compendium

Me-made dress and me-modified belt.    The dress is self-drafted and made from an old set of bed sheets, the progress of which may be seen here in part one part two part three part four part five. (scroll to the bottom for part five.)

The belt is more or less as is, but about 5 inches shorter than when I bought it.    I'd been looking for a thick, dark brown, braided leather belt, and lo and behold, I found one -- but sized to fit around the hips.  Even buying the smallest they had it was still much too large, so I undid the stitching that connected the buckle to the belt-proper, pulled it out of the glue, cut off about 5 inches, glued it again, sewed it up, and was the proud owner of a lovely, properly fitting belt.

Now, as for actual *current* sewing?  There will be some soon -- I promise.   Almost everything I have left to do on the refashion (it needs a new name....  lets call it the Indian cotton dress) is hand work, which I haven't been up for.  So... soon.   However, if you are into movie/costume history, check this out.   Turns out Debbie Reynolds has been collected costumes forever, and not being able to get a museum to set up in the current economic climate, is selling them.    The catalog is a free download and just stunning.  (and thanks to Meg for originally posting it)

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