Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finished the wrap dress

I ended up finishing the' wrap dress' this morning minutes before heading out.   This is that navy blob of a wrap skirt I was never able to get a good picture of before -- the 6th panel became the bodice and the waistband is now the neckline and straps.    I gave it a slight sweetheart, but due to fabric considerations, couldn't do much more without chopping into the embroidery. 

in its wrap form   the bodice  and put together  almost there

As for yesterday's outfit, both the jeans and the top are me-made.   the jeans predate the creation of this blog, but are traced from a pair I got from gap, wore until they disintegrated, and now use as a pattern.   The top is self-drafted and made of seersucker left over from last summer's foray into a seersucker bathing suit.  (which also predates the blog.)   Anyhow, the following chronicles the creations of the scrappy-top. taking shape re-fitting the wasitband finishings shirring the back  finished    while its mentioned here and here in other places, these show the pictures as it came together. 

Today's tidbit, this dress marks the first complete item from stash-bust part deux. 9 more to go, and I'm allowed to start shopping again... I still haven't gotten the one new piece of fabric I decided I was entitled to after the first, so that may appear at some point, but its all on the up and up. :)


  1. I'm seriously impressed how well you get things to fit you! And most of all wanted to admire your hand made jeans - I think you could inspire me when I come to think I need to buy replacements for some of my favorite denims. In the nicest possible way - your day 6 outfit does not look at all hand made! Love it


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