Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sewing Lesson!

he takes his pattern weight duties seriously.
Today I began indoctrinating a friend of mine to the joys of sewing.    The deal is, she does everything, and I watch over and explain how things work, and eat pizza she got for us.   Personally, I think it works out rather well :)      (Not being completely insane, when we went to the fabric store, I told her no knits, it had to be a loose skirt that we'd only have to fit to her waist, and it should be marked "easy".)
Sonia, pinning like a fiend
matching the pleat depths

I have never seen anyone take pinning quite as seriously as she did... now I must admit that it didn't help that the pattern weights have a habit of coming up behind and pulling pins out as one works -- which usually means they get locked into the bedroom... but she was so intent on her work, she didn't notice at first.

Anyhow, for my own sewing - both sides of the bust are tacked down.   I'm now working on tacking every single seam flat, so that it won't pucker oddly under the lining.    Still to do is resetting the sleeves -- I just realized you can only see one in the picture -- but its the droopy side, so it works.  See how the head is just off my shoulder?   If I move it up about a centimeter, it looks a whole lot better.

Now, for me-made-june.    Yesterday was "animal day", but the cats were being remarkably uncooperative.  This slightly obscured, headless, escape attempt was the best of the bunch.   Today, we have unintentional, but highly entertaining matching.  Went I went to pick Sonia up, her dress was all but identical to mine.  Needless to day, I demanded she be in today's picture.   (For context, I'm 5'9", not the jolly green giant)

"wrap" dress
New Look 6557

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