Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday is for twirling!

  The mission today was twirling   So twirled did I.   Below are the non-twirling but still nice pictures of today's dress.   (Then Penny-Cat wanted to get in on the action...   I think a mission later this month is supposed to be pets... I am set!)    Anyhow, same franken-pattern as Wednesday,  bodice: modified Simplicity 2884 (cross strap rather than halter),  skirt:  McCalls 5292 with other little alterations, like an inseam pocket.

As for actual sewing, The neckline is going well on what I was going to call the Indian cotton dress, until I found a tag marking it as 100% viscose.   So.. how about I just call it Ethelfritha?    (somehow everything ends up as either that or Harold.   These things happen.)  Whatever.     However, as it is dark out, and as we've seen, interior lighting doesn't do the navy on navy embroidery justice, pictures of progress will have to wait for tomorrow's sun light.

For today's interesting tidbit:  the grassy lawn/garden thing I'm in is actually a green roof -- and a rather old one at that.   Years ago, someone decided that rather than just leaving my building's garage as a garage, they ought to throw loads of dirt on top and make an area for residents to have gardens.   (It also includes a small ornamental pond, with lots of ornamental pond scum and at one point, a fake duck.)    Now, I can't claim credit for any of the garden that are up there -- I just like to look at them, but I do enjoy having access to the area.   Horray for green roofs!

And then in this picture, we have Penny, who is fond of impromptu piggy-back rides.    (i.e. all of a sudden there is a cat hanging from whatever part of your body she happens to have a good run up to -- one learns the doppler purring signal and dodges

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  1. Very pretty dress! And your cat is the best accessory ever :)


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