Thursday, June 16, 2011

Several Days of MMJ

  Arm issues again, so not much sewing (and what has happened is tacking down seams and cutting out another project... not so terribly interesting photo-wise) 

Here we have 6/14, complete with odd lighting, camera settings, and Penny the Action Cat.   Me-made purple top (can you tell?) and jeans. the shirt, which IRL is grape soda purple, is made of a thickish knit and is based off one I got at Old Navy forever and a half ago. The jeans, which are some sort of stretch denim, are based off a pair from Gap.   Both predate the blog.

6/15 - also fun with color settings (this one was crazy dark)   lace top and my, my if it isn't the jeans again.  They are absurdly comfortable, and I think there will be more in my future.

6/16  - Me made skirt and belt - both self drafted.
part 1  part 2

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