Wednesday, June 8, 2011

slowly coming together...

Following Tilly's request for ugly backdrops, we have today's MMJ picture.    Just as the sun was going a got one of the whole dress, down below.   It is New Look 6557, and I've made it up three times now.  The others are here (at the bottom)  and here

Its a great pattern, but the center front has a tendency to gape open for a fuller bust, so I ended up putting in extra fabric to hold everything together, and make it something I could wear to the office.     (Happily only HR bothers with the dress code, they let the engineers just get on with our work and don't make a fuss unless higher-ups are going to be visiting.   Then we are told to dress like adults-- whats great, is they totally don't trust us to pull it off.)  

In other news, I pulled off my very first french seams on the skirt of the drindle dress .. but when I went to do the bodice, I realized I hadn't left enough of a seam allowance for anything fancy.   Happily, I planned to line it anyway, so we're going to pretend the whole thing is one great big french seam of awesomeness.    

 While I did actually get the bodice sewn up, and am happy with the fit, but the fabric is a bit on the translucent side, so until I get the lining in place, there won't be any pictures.

What you are supposed to be marveling at, is the meta-stripes (fat sections and skinny sections of the primary vertical stripes) lining up.  The seam is in the center front of the picture, and I wanted to show a little of what the fabric looked like.

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  1. I had a good laugh at your comment about HR and the dress code. I'm in HR and work at an Engineering Consulting company!!


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