Wednesday, August 31, 2011

thoughts and a movie!

Its not really sewing, buts I liked it. Plus fashion history == awesometastic.

On a more sewing related note, tomorrow begins Self Stitched September, but I will not be an active participant.  The primary goal of wearing one's creations doesn't apply, because I already do most days, at least throughout the warm months.   My cold weather wardrobe is still mostly store-bought, and I have no intention of getting rid of something I like just because I didn't make it - and while I'm not going to make a never-buying-anything pledge, the reality is I rarely purchase clothing these days, and the in a few years, just about everything in my closet will be me-made.    I realized the main reason I'd done March and June was to be a part of the sewing community, and for that reason I loved it (and found the Scruffs, Mimi and Quix) but I can merrily stalk away, be perfectly content, and not add the stress of getting the damn daily photo or limiting myself during a month where there looks to be a fair amount of business stuff that will continually require this whole dressing like a grown up thing.   (I have plans for this too, but I want to work on them at my leisure.)   So, huzzah to those who do.  I will be over here, puttering away as usual.   

And on an actually sewing related note, I got all the seams tacked down inside the body of the jacket, next up is actually sewing the shoulders and then setting the sleeves.  ::does a little dance of almost doneness::

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  1. How cool is tHat film! That's the dance I imagine you doing!!


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