Monday, August 29, 2011

V1040: getting the fit!

Ignore the wonky sleeves and marvel at the difference lifting the shoulders and taking the waist in can produce!  As the fit in the front was fine, I only raised the outside edge of the back of the jacket - basically taking out a triangular wedge an inch high at the outside.   Then, rather than take it in at the center back I ended up taking a scoop about an inch deep from each side seam.   Not only did this pull the back of the jacket in to match mine, but it also gave me much better waist definition.   Granted, there isn't much when one works with polar fleece, but it helps me look curvy rather than lumpy, which I tend to do with loose fitting garments made of thicker material.


  1. I'm always interested to see before and after fitting photos when the fitting solutions are described. Thank you and well done for getting it fit!

  2. Well done! Looks like a great fit now!


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