Friday, August 5, 2011


Behold the glory of the jacket!    Taken up a notch or two by the ever stylish paring with pajamas -- I know, you are in ever bewildered awe of my fashion sense.    As I mentioned, I ended up binding the edges and skipping a lining.    This will make it a fall / spring weight jacket, which works out nicely, as if it were really that cold, I would want long sleeves anyhow.    Despite my somewhat ridiculous button stash (hoard?)  none of them seemed to work -- and I really liked the clean lines I got from pinning it in place, so I ended up using a row of skirt hooks!  They have a pressure connection, and with the additional pull of my body inside the jacket, they aren't coming apart unless I'm actively involved in the process, so its just as secure as buttons, and actually far and away quicker to put into place.

And for the stash bust count, this is item #5 of the second round.  horray and huzzah!  (like I didn't just break it.   ah well  I'm going to keep chugging through it, trying to limit the insanity.)

Now onto the modcloth dress -- after rinsing, washing and drying not only was the fabric more of a spring green than the forest I had been aiming for, but it was also much more tightly woven thanks to the hot water and the hot dryer.    Both of these, although unintended, work to my advantage - I think the lighter color is actually prettier than what was on the bottle, and goes with the buttons I had chosen rather nicely.   The tighter weave means I don't have to line it, which leaves lots of fabric for another project!
its springy-er in real life


  1. Congratulations! Jacket looks great!

  2. Beautiful jacket! Really like it - is that piping I can see? #swoon# Right, better get back to making some progress on mine!


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