Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My mother, the enabler

Lets pause for a moment and consider just why it is I have so much fabric.   (We're talking two giant rubber made containers full, plus, well, a lot actually.)     Whenever Mom comes to visit, she insists on exploring another local (I use the term loosely)  fabric store,  and having done her research, we end up at some wholesaler's odds and ends or designer remnants or something else with a lot of really interesting fabrics for practically nothing that we'll never see again.  Needless to say, we end up with a lot.    (The first time we went to Jomar,  which has all sorts of remnants and extras, we filled two shopping carts with bolts of fabric and were quite literally cackling with glee when the whole thing turned out to be something like $120.  Madness I say! Madness!)   So, inevitably her response to my last post was to encourage me to go get more (like I needed it)  So, Mom, I am blaming this dress on you.   You heard it here first.   (Yeah, I know, there was a reeeeallly good chance I would have gone and gotten it anyway, but you tipped the scales and have lead me down a path of wanton profligacy)

Anyhow, while at the fabric store, I remembered that Vogue had a pattern that was pretty close to what I was shooting for... check out V1044 vs the modcloth dress I'm aiming for.  If I alter it to be a scooped neckline and a slightly narrower skirt, its practically perfect.

Anyhow, the store didn't have any cotton lawn (nor had the sales person even heard of it... she ended up directing me to the 'muslims' ::sigh::)   I ended up finding a nice muslin for practically nothing ($2 per yard) but it was a bit thin, and only 36" wide -- so I got 10 yards and a bottle of dye.  (digression of the moment:  it takes a REALLY REALLY long time to get 10 yards of fabric to run clear after dyeing.)   My plan is to line everything and have a bit left over, possibly for some sort of belt, although I am thinking brown might be nice too.

After wrestling with all that water logged fabric, and dyeing my hands and feet a mottled gray green (it got into my gloves, and during the rinsing I ended up stomping on it in the bathtub....) the jacket is going to have to wait for another day to be finished -- but its so close I can taste it.   Although considering the fiber content, this might not be the best idea.

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