Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sewing, cartoon style

The most accurate cartoon depiction of sewing I have ever seen.

EDIT:  This is supposed to be "Suited for Success" an episode of "My Little Ponies, Friendship is Magic" which is what shows up on my computer.  Sabra-n reports that it turned into "Sunday in the Park with George"   Not quite sure whats going on there, but...  you should be seeing a purple haired pony in her sewing studio.

Proper blogging is being temporarily put aside due to guests and the need to get some sewing done whilst they sleep.  (The time difference between the coasts can actually be remarkably useful at times.)   I'd known for a while I was going to a business thing next week, but then on Thursday we were told we had to wear suits... EVERY DAY.     I know.   Who in their right mind dresses like a grownup that often?  So, I'm going to get to wear my pretty brocade jacket, and luckily my interview suit still fits, but I needed at least one other jacket, so I'm in the midst of getting V1136 together.   (more on that later)  My guest walked in to find me all pinned up with tissue paper strewn about the floor and decided I needed see to the video posted above.   Enjoy!

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  1. So basically, sewing is Act II of Sunday in the Park With George featuring a Karl Lagerfeld cameo?

    ...Okay. :)


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