Sunday, August 28, 2011

V1040: Working on the fit

Currently being thwarted by the fitting gods...   despite a lovely  (and unphotographed) muslin that got rid of most of the oddities, I'm still having issues with my lower back.   As may be seen, fabric is pooling in my truly massive sway back, and is catching behind my shoulder blade.   (Pictures really are a marvelous way to discover fit issues - although a dummy with my measurements would be better.) 

The plan of attack is to take out the sleeves (only pinned in place for the moment - seam ripping polar fleece is .... fun) and raise the outside edge of the shoulders by about a half an inch.   I'm also going to take in the center back seam and see if I can smooth everything out a bit more.

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  1. It is looking good! Is this your muslin or the final fabric? A fitted jacket of polar fleece sounds pretty cool...


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