Monday, August 22, 2011

worthwhile fidgeting

 This was originally an *extremely* extended ramble of a dress I wasn't going to show you pictures of, as it requires a lining before being displayed to the internet.    I've decided to save it for when you will actually be able to see what I am talking about, and instead offer a quick shot of some of the pretty pretty eyelet.

Although the lining has been purchased, life is once again intruding into my sewing time, this time in the form of a conference paper, the deadline of which is fast approaching.   Consequently, posting will remain sparse for a little while.  But trust me, its a very pretty dress :)   (with an interesting, '50s ish, pleated skirt)

(the title refers to my inability to sit still, which produced a dress I am very happy with - there was rather a lot on this general theme in the extended ramble)

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